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Rocking It Out With Rod Show 

Every Monday@ 5:00pm

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The Rocking It Out With Rod Show  is a one stop shop for  entertainment, valuable information and  tangible resources. This amazing platform was created by Roderick Taylor in 2021. It shines a significant amount of light on local and national entrepreneur business, while also providing new or experienced artiest a constant growing platform to promote there gift. Audience rave that the Rocking It Out With Rod Show is one of the best shows they have  seen in the las several years.


One supporter who goes by the name of Cecial said and I quote " This show is downright amazing, it's like a breath of fresh air. It's so good to see something different for a change". If your interested in becoming a gest on the show, feel out the contact information below and will contact at our earliest convenance.

Also for even more amazing content, go to youtube and subscribe or go to our Facebook page @ the  Rocking It Out With Rod Show.

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