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*Acting 101 “Fundamentals of Acting  In Acting class 101 participants will learn how to improve and increase character development. They will learn how to effectively act out comedic and dramatic roles. They will also learn a quick and more efficient way of memorizing their script.

*Stage set and design Participants will effectively learn how to build and paint sets for any ongoing TWAP productions. *Costume and prop Designing Participants will learn how to create amazing props for each production in a timely manner.


*Lighting Participants will learn the importance of great lighting and how to produce it for every production. They will learn about light boards and the electrical system, and equipment that it takes to successfully put on a production.


*Audio Participants will learn the importance of great audio and how to work the sound board to achieve great sound at the next level.


The age group for this program will be reaching out for are ages 10 - 17 for our minors class and for adult class, 18 and up. Anyone under the age of 10 are only permitted based on a child's maturity and under certain production needs and circumstances. 

After the completion of each program, an annual production Sponsorship dinner will take place that each student will be required to be a part of to show off what they have learned. This will be a ticketed event. A certificate of completion will be awarded to each student after the theatrical performance.

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